Welcome to my blog!

We all constantly look for love in people and in things. For some of us, it’s left us empty and hurt. We get hurt so much that we would rather give up on relationships than deal with the pain and joy that it brings.We would rather build up walls that nobody can get through to protect ourselves. This “protection” only leaves us feeling lonely and depressed. So who do we look to? Who can we find that will heal our hearts? Who won’t hurt us no matter how many times we hurt them?

The answer to all these questions is God. From my experience, He has been the answer. He has healed my heart from a lot of pain that I’ve experienced in my life. With God your life isn’t a piece of cake. It’s just easier because you have someone you can trust with everything. He’s someone you can give your heart to and He will keep it hidden and safe. The only thing that He wants from you is for you to search for His heart and get to know who He is.

The purpose of this blog is to help you in the process to know God. If you’ve never heard of this God I’m speaking about, then this blog is also for you. What I write will hopefully show you the God that I have gotten to know through prayer, the Bible, and a lot of personal experiences. I hope you can enjoy what I write.

-Mari 😀