The One Who Knows Who You Are

209776175-identitycrisis_20copy_860Who are you?

That question comes up every now and then. Today, I’m thinking about it because I let my emotions get control of me and I did something that ended up creating more pain for myself. It gets me wondering if I know who I am … who God made me to be.

I believe that if I really know who I am, I would act completely different from what I do now. I know that God says that I am His child, I am very sweet (not who I pretend to be to protect myself), I am compassionate, I am humble, I am happy, I am beautiful, I am strong, I am a fighter, and I am the best friend you could have.

The only reason I know this for sure is because I have meditated on how I was as a child before I met pain. I was awesome. I didn’t know what people thought about me and I didn’t care. How I wish I was like that now!

The enemy has succeeded most of my life in making me believe all these ridiculous lies about myself. I’ve bought into it and I officially say that I’m done believing those lies. I’ll only believe what God says about me. I’ll look only to Him to find my identity.

Satan has tried to destroy me which only makes me believe in what God says more. He’s put people in my way to hurt me, to make me believe that I’m not worth anything, to suffocate what God has put in me and I am done. It’s time I look at him straight in the face and take back what he took away from me. I’m taking my life back and I’m going to become God’s original masterpiece.

Ephiseans 2:10 says that we are His masterpiece and that’s what God has been talking to me about these days. God wants me to turn completely towards Him in order to take everything in my heart that doesn’t come from Him. I’ve put everything on hold without even realizing it. Today, I’m starting the process again. I watched The Skit Guys video called God’s Chisel and I cried when Eddie said “You Are Not Junk.” That’s the lie that I have been believing and I pray that you choose to stop believing it.

God made us good and the only way to know this is by seeing it with your own eyes. Ask God to reveal to you who He made you to be and once He does give you a little glimpse of who you really are, ask Him to continue working in your life. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal what isn’t good in you and to help take it out of your life. God knows who you are and now He needs you to know Him to see and become who you really are.

Who are you?



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