The One Who Loves You


Isn’t God’s love weird? He gave up someone so precious to any human being (His son) in order to demonstrate His love for us. He loves the killers, liars, cheaters, etc. It includes people that are in cults, in gangs, at work, at school and it includes you. No matter how many times you turn your back on God or hurt Him he will still love you just the same.

In case you are wondering, I’m one of those who have doubted God’s love for me a couple of times. I forgive things when they are done to me, but it’s hard to forgive what I’ve done to others and situations I’ve put myself in. I’ve regretted some things that now I’m learning to let go. There have been times where I didn’t feel any love for myself and so I started thinking why do you love me God? What’s so great about me that you love me so much?

I’ve come to the conclusion that He doesn’t need a reason to love us. He just does in a way that’s passionate and not expecting anything in return from us. He hates evil and He loves good. This means that we are good, but we choose to do evil things. Doesn’t it feel like a huge relief?

For those of you that are reading this, that have thought that they are garbage or just the worst, you are good. The definition of good is to be desired or approved of. You are desired by God! He WANTS YOU and He LOVES YOU. You are not trash, you are not an animal, you are not ugly, you are not fat, you are not too tall or short, and you are not any other word that the world uses to describe you unless it’s beautiful, unique, smart, good, and perfectly made.

A while ago, I had the same dream twice. I was in this mall and there’s was this guy that loved me. Of course, I loved him. In the first dream he disappeared. The second dream he disappeared, but this time I looked for him. I was searching for him everywhere. I couldn’t find him so I asked the staff at the mall and they told me he had gone to another store looking for me. I start heading that way, but for some reason I went back there again. The guys told me that he was just there and they told me which way he went. I ran in that direction and when I found him he looked like he was desperately searching for me.

That’s the kind of love God has for us. He wants us to search for him so we can become the original beauty and jewel that we were meant to be. We can’t allow our actions define us. You may have done something in your past or even a minute before you read this that you are ashamed about, but guess what? What God has said about you will never change.

Songs of Solomon 4:1 says “Behold, you are beautiful, my love, behold, you are beautiful!” God sees us as beautiful and good people even with our dirt. God knows that we are going to mess up many times, but He’s not going to stop loving us.

We give God human attributes when we believe that His love depends on what we do. Someone in our past might have made us feel like we weren’t worth loving. They made us feel like we have to earn their love and now we see God that way. That’s just not who God is and how he loves. 

Romans 5:8 says “But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” We were still muddy and gross when he gave up his son. We were swimming in our own filth. We weren’t squeaky clean so why would He think that we are going to be perfect? He rescued us because we weren’t perfect in the first place. He doesn’t care about perfection because we will reach perfection when we meet him. He cares about our relationship with him. He wants us closer to get us out of the mud and wash all the dirt off.

God’s love can’t compare to our kind of love that always asks to receive. He is in love with us and there is nothing you or anyone can do to stop Him from loving you. He loves us like nobody on this earth does. Isn’t God’s love weird… and awesome?!


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